Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speed of life and zooms out

It happened entering metro La Latina, line 5, Madrid's metro, a couple of weeks ago, 8.35am, slightly late for class, someone with not a very good aspect at the turnstiles is asking something to the people going down the mechanical stairs, as I am approaching the mechanical stairs too, this man also says something to me, an unclear sentence which i basically ignore (another homeless or mentally disrupted, I cannot be late, gotta be on-time, and so on).

But as soon as i go down and head the second mechanical stairs and take them, my brain starts compiling and arranging the information received a few seconds ago: The man upstairs was actually asking for help to go down the stairs, he had motor skills problems therefore his voice articulation wasn't clear, and he had difficulties to go down the stairs reason why he was try to ask for help.

I don't want to preach here -actually i never went up to help him, my rush prioritized my actions- but it just made me feel how selfish we -I- can be and how limited we are sometimes in our ability to zoom out and see what's going on around-

Of course I never saw again that man in the coming days, i just hope someone could give him a hand and the man could get to his destination on time, as i did that day.

The coming two videos were constantly played in Spotify at my last job -which i left just a couple of weeks ago- they are dedicated to my colleagues with whom i have spent great times and made the hours, the days and the weeks and months of intense work much more pleasant with their constant sense of humor, intelligent irony and generosity. Dedicado a mis compañeros de Proyeco:


  1. that's a strong story... about the man at the escalator. i remember feeling so ashamed when i made an unpleasant comment about a dancing woman in the park and later realized she had a down syndrome. a bit of tolerance would not hurt nowadays. peace.

  2. Hi Sergey,

    Thanks for your comment, yeah, this happens all the time, but also it doesn't excuses us at all, next time I'll try to think before acting (or before not acting in this case).


  3. Ya era hora, coño! (Proyeco's member)