Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the Madrid's East - West axe

It's kind of curious my relationship with one the most important communication axes of Madrid: a street that crosses the city from East to West, which, as many of the streets in Madrid, changes the name unexpectedly even though they are all actually the same street, starting as Cea Bermudez and changing to José Abascal, María de Molina and Avenida de América, exiting the city as A2 (the road to Barcelona which actually is c/Alcalá too, although most of people even born here don't even know.

I was saying that this E-W axe is important for me and this is why: I spent almost 10 years of my life living with my parents in Cea Bermudez, 3´5 years working in km. 16 of Avenida de América and since last month being student again at IE business school in María de Molina for the coming year...and before all this i remember i attended to an English course the summer of 90 or so also in Cea Bermudez (is that 20 years ago already?)

My obvious question is: is there a next stop in my life along this axe? Probably not, but life is sometimes ironic and playful, so who knows...

Happily someone uploaded a very convenient for the occasion home made video, it's a song of The Radio Dept , which i love by the way, recording from the car all the way from María de Molina to the airport, all taking place from West to East, where the sun rises, in Madrid too. Here it goes.

My second song (for some reason i am uloading two instead of one in every post, must be my Catholic-Roman-Apostolic feeling of guiltyness for not writing in this blog everyday :P) is by The Divine Comedy. Enjoy them if you can

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