Monday, May 24, 2010

Microsoft or the Dark Side of the Force

I find quite peculiar the new campaign to promote Internet Explorer 8, using Yoda to introduce us the new version or the Microsoft navigator: "ayudarte podría" (to help you I could) he says...

It's not that I am a Star Wars superfan, but when I saw the 4x3m ad in the metro with Yoda making a campaign pro Mr. Bill Gates company latest's product, I really lost my faith in the Rebel Alliance! If Yoda also has a price and he has no problem to sign with the Dark Side of the Force...what's next?

Actually what bothers me the most is that campaigning for Internet Explorer 8 is like purchasing shares in the Death Star 1.0, the one that miserably exploded in the 1977 Star Wars know there's going to be another Death Star! There's no glamour at all in promoting the 8th version of a quite debatable navigator...!

As you may know by now, I don't like Microsoft (I don't even link to MSFT's page...see how BAD I am?) very much, but as many like me, i still use windows, which, to keep on track with Star Wars references, is like pretending to be a Jedi and having the robotized hand of Luke Skywalker...

And up to this point I wonder: why there are so many people somehow against Microsoft if Microsoft is not our boss who doesn't understand us, or the annoying professor who is always doing surprise-exams, or the mediocre politician trying to convince us that the economy is getting better...then, why so many people don't like Microsoft??

My humble opinion is that we actually apply the same criteria to Microsoft as to a government, probably realizing about how powerful it can be...this feeling of rejection is probably shared in what regards other big fishes of the business world...I have heard some crazy stories about Bill Gates, one of them as lunatic as saying that he is actually the Antichrist as you can see in this carefully detailed explanation. On the contrary, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. appears nowadays as a reference and a guru whether for geeks or, for instance, MBA students.

So, why we don't like Bill/Microsoft and we like Steve/Apple? I think the open source software has to do a lot in all this...and Mr. Bill doesn't want to let us know how Microsoft is run from inside...To put it in another words: I am ordering a steak with sauce but the chef wouldn't let me know what is the sauce made of...would you eat it? It seems that we actually eat it, but until when?

To corolate this post with Star Wars again, it seems that the Empire will not give us the code to switch off the Death Star's shield...but the Rebel Alliance may soon destroy the base and there will no longer exist any protection...unless Bill Gates hires Hans Solo for the future Internet Explorer 9...!

Today's songs...well, things go better with a little bit of razzamatazz...and a little bit of ELO too.

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