Friday, May 21, 2010

CK - leather belts

This afternoon i was on my way home and i passed by a retail business called CK (not, Calvin Klein but Cinturones de "Kuero" -leather belts-). Usually it is closed in the morning when i am on my way to the underground, and also closed upon my return, let's say they have a very relaxed timetable -or that i don't have too much free time-. But this time it was open, so i came in, in part because i have never seen a shop selling ONLY leather belts in such a weird location -actually the area is full of tapas bars, restaurants and cafes, but there's no much more rather than that-.

The first impression is that really those belts were made with real leather as per the undoubted smell of leather all over the place. The second one was that it was difficult to not to find a belt that you like in there. Whether due to my consumerist nature or a real need, i did buy also one, 14€, good cow leather and...made in Spain!!

The owner really seemed the person who knows the most about belts on Earth, and really seemed to like his job very much...

No doubt, if you need any kind of belt...your place is CK - Cinturones de Kuero!

Today I'd like to post a song that used to be the opening for one of my favourite radio programs ever "Viaje a los Sueños Polares" the second song gives name to the program, from a spanish band called Family who lasted just a few years and released only one album that some have considered as the most relevant of the last 20 years in Spain (Un soplo en el Corazón, 1993).

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