Sunday, June 13, 2010

What would I do if i was Jeff Jarvis? "Dell Hell" case

In first place, let me brief you about the subject of this post:

In 2005, a blogger called Jeff Jarvis posted in his blog Buzzmachine the purchase of a Dell laptop along with the most complete guarantee available for the item purchased. Right after receiving his laptop, it turned out to be a lemon: it didn't work, so he called to get the assistance he paid for, but they were unable to fix the problem at home and they had to take the laptop with them...this was just the beginning of the story: Dell service resulted to be completely incompetent to fix the problem, which was extended for months...and Jeff Jarvis started blogging about that: dozens, and then hundreds of comments in his blog transcended the blog sphere, and magazines like the Business Week started highlighting the case, the issue became so popular and powerful to the point that the stock price of Dell went significantly down when the news were spread in the magazines...

But the question to be answered here is what would i do if i had the same problem?

In first place, and knowing what happened to Jeff Jarvis, what I would have clear is that...I don't want a Hell's Dell!! So as soon as I started realizing things are not going better, I would definitely try to get my money back and buy the new Ipad!! (Yeah, I've just disclose my next purchase...)

But let's suppose that I have gone through Jeff's nightmare and I have to decide what to do Well, I am not a prominent blogger and the repercussion of this blog is almost zero, so I think i would start a bunch of initiatives to make my case known:

1) Create a Facebook group to gather attention of those who sympathize with my problem or those who has already suffered it (with a little bit of luck Mr. Jeff Jarvis will also join the group!).

2) If the group becomes popular I can probably create a page and maybe make some money enough to purchase my desired Ipad and give away my Dell!

3) Forward the case to the Spanish consumer's association OCU and be patient...

4 and not very probable...) This is Spain, what really makes people or news popular is the social repercussion in certain TV programs like El Diario when people -generally with low class and even lower education- expose their problems: maybe i had a chance, but i really have to be desperate to do it!

Anyhow, I have one notebook and one laptop, both HP, It's not like they are perfect, but i am relatively satisfied with them, and if something happens I'm afraid that the guarantees are already expired...

Again, although there are some posts where the subject is actually requested by our professor of Information Systems, Enrique Dans , this intends to be a personal blog, and what i promised at least is to upload a song which i may, for one reason or another, be identified with...

The sweetest song ever by My Bloody Valentine, and then a Carlos Berlanga song from "Indicios" from 1994. Have a good day!


  1. Hmmmm... I'm afraid it was the other way around, I mean, what would you do if you were Dell :-)

  2. Oops! I think I got involved too much with Jeff Jarvis' story! :-)

    i will write a new post then. Posting is becoming for me an interesting and attractive tool to express ideas, researches, thoughts, opinions...Thanks!