Monday, June 7, 2010

Facebook 2012 . We know who you are!

How I see Facebook in 2012...It's probably naïve not to expect big changes in social networks nowadays, but i think that the biggest thing in Facebook for the coming 2 years rather than any technological upgrade will be the number of users: i think there will be a drastic increase in the existent 400 millions, and having an active facebook profile will be common among the new generations.

The debate about the privacy in Facebook will still be on the table by 2012, but i believe that in a more relaxed way. The coming years will be fundamental to resolve the lawsuits that are now arising...but the sign of the battle, for me, is clear: privacy, or the way we understand it, will change, and it is a matter of time only. I think it is very significant that the current privacy policy of facebook includes a sinister sentence such us: "We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use at any time."

But, all the above mentioned can be more or less what many people would say about FB in two years, what can we expect beyond this? Maybe the most reliable source to know what's going to happen in the coming years is through Facebook prototypes where a number of new applications are be frank, none of them seem to be able to change the world, but improve existent applications...The business of the adds is also mentioned as a potential change in Facebook...

The facebook application for cell phones is probably the tool that will receive more attention in the coming years, every thing becomes mobile, and Facebook -as well as google- knows that nowadays being present in our iPhone or Blackberry is being present in our lives. In this regard, i truly hope that the application becomes more efficient for 2012 than it is now. At least for me, as a user, and not really worried about the privacy issues, that would be enough advance for the coming 2 years...

Before i finish for today, here's a funny video about the social network wars...

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