Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why a blog? Why now?

This blog is about songs and a daily life soundtrack which will be random and diverse. I don't expect you to follow my adventures or if I am out of time to read the 100 pages my marketing or finance classes, or if my workmates don't understand me...This blog is an experiment, although the music contained is not, and for me this is the important thing about this blog. I don't pretend to teach or impress or play easy roles of "today I feel blue and I am uploading this or that song..." no, it's not about that, as the name of this blog, by the way not at all original but taken from the album Transient Random Noise Burst with Announcements, by Stereolab, one of my favourite bands (I've just revealed today's group) this blog is random explosion of songs, probably linked to a thought (probably superficial) about something happened to me (or to you) during the day

I have never published any blog or any web before in my life, and to tell you the truth I may have continued like this if I wouldn't have been "forced" to do it this morning...

For those who don´t know it, I am currently studying (yes, studying again after...when was that? 2002 when I finished my Masters in Architecture, my goodness, I'm getting old...), I am studying an MBA program at IE Business School , and what has this to do with writing a blog? Well, a have a subject called Information systems, whose professor, Enrique Dans encouraged us in a very enthusiastic way to start our own blog, so me, traditionally obedient with profs after 12 years at HH. Maristas School....BORING!!...nobody cares about where i studied (at least me I would never waste time knowing where an acquaintance studied...) I said i was going to upload a song everyda...as many days as possible, and this song is for you, anonymous reader, random, transient...bursting sometimes.

The night outside my balcony looks amazing...you better go out and grab some beers and f*ck the crisis (yes, in Spain we still speak about that, actually today we just reached 20% unemployment...) No, seriously, go for that beer, It can be even worst!

Stereolab - Ping pong (Mars Audiac Quintet, 1994)

And the 2x1 promotional campaign of this blog:

Stereolab - Miss Modular (Dots and loops, 1997)


  1. Good luck!, but never forget this: to the bread, bread, to the wine, wine, and the gazpacho, with cucumber.

  2. Good idea! sharing tips about new music is a great concept. maybe you can insert the youtube clips directly in your blog =)
    keep the nice music rolling!