Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday's defeat of FC Barcelona has made me think (which is something...) about how sometimes in music we just ignore those songs which are not "winners" Let me explain myself: if you're familiar with spanish radio stations, you probably know about M80 or Kiss FM, mainly oriented to the classics from 70's 80's and 90's. Well, this is true, but are they actually playing classics or just some classics? to be more precise: a very limited number of classics which after listening to them over and over again, become unbearable mainstream songs: yes, how can you enjoy "with or without you" by U2 when it has been played 3 times in 3 hours of listening? not a very different feeling than listening to any Lady Gaga song...(maybe it's too much of an assumption that you all don't like Lady Gaga, actually my brother does like her(?)).

Anyhow, today's song is an hommage to these songs which have had the misfortune to be released in the same album of a superhit...those songs that will never see the light in radio stations which play "classics from all times" .

This B-log is today for those B-songs, actually two, listen to them here because you will never listen to them anywhere else. B-lieve me.


  1. But of course I like Lady Gaga. Ain't she cool dressed up as a tea cup?

    Here's my b-side tip:

  2. Mola!

    Well, some people say she's going to be a new myth in the music that MJ is no longer alive...however also some people said that the swine flu was going to eliminate one tenth of the world population...