Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer and Los Directivos

Finally writing again after some weeks of intellectual holidays, and after having seen Spain win the World Cup. This weekend is being the B-day parties weekend, seeing some people i haven't seen since 2008 when i went to live to Kuwait. By the way, people say it's a very hot summer, I shouldn't complain about this weather, my friends in Kuwait are struggling now with temperatures of...41º....during the night! 54º during day hours.

Although they shouldn't have released their album until next world cup (they promised to do it only when Spain got kicked off the world cup, which never happened) the new album by Los Directivos is finally available online. And why should i care about that? Because Los Directivos are actually friends of mine and because not every day friends of mine release an album. And because the album is freaking different. Sorry, foreign readers, but this album can be only understood by spaniards, and not by many, by the way. Referees, Olympic games, Guardiola, Royal family, Lofts...everything fits in the most subversive album since Derribos Arias released their "En la guía, en el listín" (GASA, 1983)

You can -and you must- download it at islam records, if you want to pretend you are cool, (although the songs are actually making fun of people like YOU or me), and because it is a matter of time that their songs start appearing on the worst programs in La Sexta or Telecinco (sometimes with the best music).

HOWEVER, i miss a number of things in the album:

- A song about Esperanza Aguirre
- A song with Iñaki singing
- A date for a future concert, which I am not sure if will be possible one day because one has become a father recently and lives abroad and the other isn't a father (as far as he knows), lives in Madrid but just don't like playing live.

Do listen to their album and don't ask questions, if Los Directivos say it, it must be right. Lo indie es lo indie y el resto es el resto.

Today's songs are here:


  1. Habibi Coming from you! I was sure that it was gonna be wonderful music!so 80's.

    if it was a little less expensive I would have sent everyone for a Mad-K8-Mad trip. they just need to get out of the airport and then come running back to the airplane!

    see you

  2. Shukran, Antonios!

    I wouldn't even send my worse enemies to Kuwait during summer!! Although from there you can get very low price tickets to almost everywhere (the big advantage of being a country that everybody wants to run away from is that there are plenty of options to do it...!